Agatha Christie And Then There Were None

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Based on the well loved mystery fresh by Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime

Set in the late 1930s, And Then There Were None saw a group of 10 strangers invited under innumerable fake pretenses to a mansion on a remote island off the coast of Devon, England, where they were all exposed as perpetrators of murders whom the law, for innumerable reasons, could not touch. The guests then start to die in accordance with a nursery rhyme hung inside the mansion, and the guests soon grasp that one of them has to be the murderer, making a mind-boggling mystery and an increasing sense of dread and paranoia.

As those who have read the fresh will know, the tale’s dark progression makes it a hard game translation, an issue that is sidestepped here by inventing an 11th character, one Patrick Narracott, who supplants his brother Fred Narracott as the boatman who takes the 10 guests to the island. Due to a case of mistaken identity on behalf of one of the guests, Patrick Narracott finds himself trapped on the island, trying to unravel the mystery and possibly prevent all 10 of the guests from meeting a grisly fate. Despite the presence of a character fabricated for the sole purpose of being the player’s proxy, the tale largely unfolds as in the original, though its resolutions (there’s more than one) are unique to the game, though none are nearly as chillingly satisfying as Christie’s own.

Some of the compromises made are simpler to swallow than others. It’s unfortunate and a bit distracting that the “Ten Small Indians” nursery rhyme has been altered to “Ten Small Sailor Boys” for the sake of political correctness, but it’s not negative to the overall plot. The largest victim is the nearly palpable sense of paranoia, which never really gets as deeply rooted into the tale here as it ought to. For what it’s worth, the game makes a small attempt to appease fans by playing out Agatha Christie’s original ending as an addendum, though this just serves to make you wonder what the game would’ve been like had it stayed truer to the book.

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