Day Of Defeat Source

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Day of Defeat Source (2011/PCDVD/RUS/ENG/MULTI3)
Release Year : 2011 | Platform : PC | Language : English-Russian-German |
Publisher: Valve | Developer: Valve | Genre: First-Person Shooter/3D |
File Size : 1.882 GB

Challenges of Day of Defeat: Source, typical online shooter. In the Territorial Control Americans and Germans are
fighting over key points, pooping their banners there, in Detonationundermines anothers equipment, interfering
with their opponents do the same. There are also similar to CounterStrike: Source version, which to conduct
sabotage squad gets some time. Largescale battles a la Battlefield 1942 is not the casetanks, armored vehicles and antiaircraft guns are the only decorations. But the soldiers are divided into the following specialties: the men with rifles, pistols, machine guns and assault rifles and snipers, machine gunners and grenade throwers. To fight a duel warriors did not turn to the optics, the server can limit the number of representatives from each class. True, the difference between professions a collection of weapons. Unique talents, such as doctors or artillery spotters, no.And since the conditions for interaction is small, the gameplay boils down to the rush and firing. However, Day of Defeat: Source can not be called primitive. The authors have taken as a basis for the dynamics of the Medal of Honor Allied Assault and decorated it with realistic detail. Of course, Valve is far from simulating Red Orchestra, but to convey the harsh atmosphere of the time they succeeded.

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Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
~ Processor: Pentium 1.7 MHz
Memory: 256 MB
Video: 128MB, DirectX 7
~ Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
~ Additional software: DirectX 7

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