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Plunge into the Roman world and take part in the most famous battles of the ancient world. Some you will already have seen in strategy games. But Legion Arena is much more than a battle game! Many recent strategy games have tried to take the genre in a different direction by adding action and stealth gameplay. Legion Arena instead adds all the progression and story elements of a role-playing game. Legion Arena is a pure entertainment cocktail with epic battles and highly scalable gameplay. All set in a realistic and stunning world, Legion Arena allows you to retrace the most significant moments of Roman history, but with you in command! Take your army from its humble begins through over 100 scenarios to re-live the history and carve out an Empire. Recruits are turned into hardened warriors by battle, gaining skills and characteristics as chosen by you. Only a true commander will be able to train his troops, choose their skills, determine their battle plans and guide them to victory on the battlefield and become the master strategist.

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* Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
* Pentium IV 1GHz or Athlon Equivalent required
* 256 MB RAM
* 1 GB of Free HDD space
* DirectX 8.1+ compatable 32 MB Direct Sound card
* DirectX 9.0C or higher
* 64 MB Video Card
Legion Arena Gold combines the award winning Legion Arena with the Cult of Mithras expansion pack allowing you even more units to crush your adversaries with. Fire Demons, Shadow Warriors and Ghost legions are just some of the beasts at your control with the expansion pack. Organize your troops, give orders and unleash the fury of the legion!
# 100+ different scenarios, with spectacular special effects like rain, night battle and snowy fields.
# 2 complete campaigns: chose between the powerful Roman army and the merciless Gallic warriors
# Over 20 unique unit types including Legionaries, Praetorians, Elephants, and Naked Fanatics
# Deploy your troops and issue orders before battle
# Real time control in battle using Slitherine’s innovative order time system.
# Real terrain effects on combat – cavalry are weaker in the woods, light infantry are weaker in the open.
# Legion Arena Gold includes the Cult of Mithras expansion adding even more units, campaigns and battles!

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