Luxus Hotel Imperium

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Management makes the difference as a manager of a hotel empire, the player’s decisions. It determines which staff set what services are offered and how much advertising necessary. The more services and personnel available become, the more stars the hotel and the more elevated lt h higher prices k may be required. But here also means more service hours running costs. The player must strike the right balance between Service and costs related to his hotel to lasting success f lead. He is supported by various consultants supported the over any walls Missst report in the hotels In luxury hotel empire, the player meets every little Decision. Whether food, room amenities, maintenance or Staff, everything can be adjusted and optimized. Thus expected the player with a business simulation with many details about the subject of Hotel Management.

Features :-
+ 12 european sized cities
+ 9 different hotels in 3 categories
+ Many micro-management options such as advertising, services, and Food prices
+ LinkedIn complete service, resource and personnel management
+ Interactive software tips directly in the game
+ Four different game modes
+ More detailed or tutorial
+ Digital manual on the CD

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+ Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
+ Processor: Pentium ? or AMD ? CPU with 2 GHz
+ Memory: 1 GB
+ Record Card: Geforce 6800 series, ATI X1600 ?, S3 C, 430GT (min.256 MB RAM) or privileged,      Shader Model 2.0
+ Free space on HDD: 750 MB

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