Painkiller Pandemonium

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 The  ultimate  Painkiller  package   û   a   motley 

  collection of crazy  guns,  levels  and  enemies  û  contains the  titles  “Painkiller”,  “Painkiller  -   Battle out of Hell”, “Painkiller  -  Overdose”,  as        well   as    the    latest    add-on    “Painkiller       fast-paced shooter fare with  extravagant  settings         and a healthy dose of madness and horror.


* Innumerous shooter levels and eccentric settings create highly varied gameplay.
* Over 70 hours of perfect Painkiller action with 3 independent story lines and protagonists!
* Adrenalin-laden multiplayer modes are constantly improved by the game‘s fan community
* Over 26 demonically deviant weapons provide you with semi-divine powers!
* Over 120 insane, blood-crazed monster types straight from the Pits of Hell 

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