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Precursors, predecessors, the legend of galaxy… Who are carrying the forebear’s genes among existing races, we can suppose only… Worlds of galaxy are everlasting, beautiful, unique and dangerous. Some of them are inhabited, some ruined and deserted, other – just a smugglers trans-shipment stations.
Some worlds are only at the beginning of evolution, other are falling into decay. Only when you’ll pass through all these worlds, sense a heat of blazing lava-seas and chilling cold of abysses, see the stark heavens, you will realize the real power of nature. Only when you’ll meet corrupt judges, mendacious politicians, unselfish protectors and cruel tyrants you’ll understand passions of society. When you’ll reach an unexplored sectors of galaxy and come across a mysterious natural phenomenon, fly through the tail of the comet or dive into the casual portal, only then you’ll perceive the infinite depth and diversity of the universe.
But this is just a prospection and nobody knows what exactly this journey will be, we can only assure you that it will be unforgettable…
“Precursors” is a new project of Deep Shadows. The game action takes place in space and on the surface of various planets. The genre of the game is freeplay RPG with FPS and space sim combat elements.
“Precursors” and “White Gold: War In Paradise” are developed using the Vital Engine 3. It has shader 3.0 support and features various post rendering effects like HDR, motion blur and others. In comparison with the Vital Engine 2 the physics system has been improved and moreover, two of the main features of the engine are destructible objects, which will be found everywhere in the games, and support of one huge unified playing area.
You will fight your enemies in space as well as on the surface of various planets. You will be able to work for different factions and carry out their quests to earn money, which is quite essential for your hero. The money will give you the opportunity to buy new weapons, make technical upgrades or repair your damaged spaceship.
You can explore a planet’s surface using a wide choice of different vehicles, but in space you will use only one ship which will be given to you at the beginning of the game. RPG stats will allows you to upgrade not only the personal characteristics of your hero but the technical abilities of your spaceship as well.

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~ DirectX 9c
~ 3 GHz
~ 1 GB RAM

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