Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PS3

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Release: Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2011.USA.JB.PS3-dumpTruck
Group: dumpTruck
Game Title: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
# Files: 82x100mb
ESRB Rating: E
Region: USA
Release Date: 10/19/2010
Source: Retail Disc
Like many others here on this lovely forum, i downloaded PES 2011 EUR version only to find out that there was no english language.

According to developers at Konami, only the English version will be in English as this is to prevent imports due to the fact that its out in Europe a week before the UK.

Also you have to be logged on to PSN to be able to download the Konami updates which would get you banned because of your hacked PS3.
This meant that we were stuck with missing transfers such as Ibrahimovic, Robinho and many others and outdated formations for different teams.
SO after searching and trial and error, i finally found a way to update it.

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