Counter Strike Carbon

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The game is based on a very simple concept of the bad guys, i.e. terrorists and the good guys, the counter terrorists. It is a simple first person shooter and is largely played in the multiplayer mode across the globe. The game has almost become an institution with some people actually become professional gamers especially in this one. The creator, another well known name, Electronic Arts has come up with the latest version in the form of counter strike 2010: source.
Counter strike source is pretty much same as the previous versions. The Source version has borrowed the popular maps such as office, Italy, the dust maps etc. but the changes to be watched out for are in the graphics. The structures in the playing environment have been considerably improved to look much more realistic. The weapons are also the same for both the sides but then again the detailing is excellent.
The bomb defusing maps have a few subtle additions to them which will come to you as you play. The objects lying around are now more real and moveable adding to the overall life-like setup. For the pessimists who complain of the game being monotonous, there are a hell lot of mods and new maps which can be downloaded for free and add on to the features of the game altogether.

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Minimum Requirements:
* A PC in good condition.
* Any PC that runs CS

* Size: 440mb
* Format: rar
* Quality Graphics: 10
* Level of Gameplay: 10
* Number of Averages: 1CD
* Language: English

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