Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction

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In the last tale my grandfather told us Blizzard provocative disassembly at Castle Tristram. Then came under the distribution of evil spirits, the undead and other ill-wishers, pogroms uchinyavshie in their gardens. Local hero relentlessly kicking and distributing crack foe, Whom the sword nakolet who will charge an arrow in the Adams apple, and to whom and on balls zhakhnet spell. I tried to yav … Up a sweat. And at the end of the narrative is so strengthened in body and spirit that has dared to break off the horns most infernal villain – Diablo. And still broke off. At that, therefore, the case was over and …

Think Again! Evil is not so easy to zaboresh. In fact, a fierce demon [ spoiler ] and [ spoiler ] in the [ spoiler spoiler ]! And now a new danger looming over the world. Yes pohlesche old – Diablo, then, is not the only freak in the family will have to dig it obscurantism have new heroes.
But I immediately knew that this would happen …
” 7 unique characters to choose from ” three levels of complexity , ” even more replayability unprecedented ” countless hordes of monsters , ” the mountain of diverse and valuable loot ” epic sweep ” 5 towns ” eeee …. Diablo live* ..
Features:In repak includes:
” full English version of Diablo 2 with the addition of Lord of Destruction version 1.13d. ” full Russian translation of Fargus minimalistic installer
” You can install the Russian translation of the text, voiceovers and video of your choice. ” By default, the option Optimize MPQ – after the installation of Russian components will be optimized game archives and will be less. Because of this optimization setting is longer. If you wait too lazy – turn off. ” Another feature due to which the Russian version of the installation takes longer – Russian sound and video, “assembled from spare parts” in the process. Thanks to Russian resources in the distribution does not occupy 1 GB, but only 160MB. Magic!
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Operating system: Windows 98 / XP 
Processor: 233 MHz 
RAM: 64 MB 
Video Card: DirectX Audio device: there is cho* and if I can find* 
Hard disk space: 1.7-2 GB

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