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Instinct is a Resident Evil rip-off with a first-person perspective that’s a good 10 years too late for the party. This creation of the aptly named Russian developer Digital Spray Studios has more problems than just copying the story and bad guys from a game with a best-before date that expired in the 1990s. Everything here is ineptly made and annoying, from the dumb zombie foes to the terrible level design. Throw in big performance problems that regularly turn battles into slideshows and you’ve got yet another atrocity good for a trifecta of crap.
The storyline appears to be a garden-variety zombie caper, with you guiding three Russian commandos on a search-and-destroy mission to a secret facility in North Korea. You start off facing run-of-the-mill soldiers, but immediately run into what looks to be the undead as soon as you enter the base. Or so it seems. The plot continually bounces back and forth in time, with cutscenes filling in the backstory only after you’ve completed missions. While this style of storytelling might work well in the hands of a competent storyteller, it’s just confusing here. You start off watching a clip of a drunken Russian soldier taking out a TV a la Elvis and then plunge right into the invasion of some kind of military base. If not for the blurbs on the box cover and in the manual, you wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on until wrapping up at least three levels.

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  • System: Pentium IV 2.0 GH or equivalent
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