Still Life

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Still Life is a gory tale of murder that combines straightforward puzzle elements with some mundane fetch quests. While other adventure titles have started to include more action elements to broaden their audience, Still Life is a throwback to the PC classics like King’s Quest. The game was developed by Microids who is also responsible for the Syberia series as well as Post Mortem on the PC. Still Life actually takes place in the Post Mortem universe and shares some of the same characters however the story stands alone.

The game stars Victoria McPherson, a tough as nails FBI agent who is currently investigation a series of grisly murders that are highlighted in the opening cinema. The pre-rendered movies are exciting and stand in stark contrast to the slow pacing of the gameplay. The editing is quick and steals a few visual tricks from movies like Se7en and The Ring. Like these films, the game doesn’t hold back in its depiction of graphic violence. Victoria’s case centers on a string of murdered whores so don’t be surprised when the game presents an extreme close up of a desecrated naked corpse.

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Windows® 98, ME, 2000 or XP

Pentium® III 800 MHz (Pentium® III 1.0 GHz Recommended)

128 MB RAM

8x CD ROM Drive


32 MB Graphics Card (64 MB or Equivalent Recommended)


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