Age Of Empires III

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Age of Empires III comes to radically change the series, with superb graphics and faster and exciting gameplay. The game now runs from the Age of Discovery to the Imperial Age, between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuires. 
Each of the eight nations in the game (Spanish, British, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, German and Ottoman) has its strengths and its weaknesses. For example: British have a strong economy, Spanish receive help from the metropolis faster, French have more help from the natives. 
In this version the player gains experience points during the game, with them the player can choose “cards” that serve to get more troops, resources or improvements. The game features the Havok 2 physics technology that produces a more realistic graphics, with details like cannonballs flying and pieces of buildings scattered. 
The WarChiefs offers the chance to lead a Native American faction to the control of the Americas. Between us, is a promising possibility, because the natives no longer have only the supporting role seen in the original but now fight for its place in history, vying for supremacy on the continent. 
The expansion, as well as introducing three playable native factions, adds new options to achieve victory and a single-player campaign completely new. Also, are also implemented new updates to the metropolis, new maps and units to existing factions. 
Asian Dynasties focuses on Eastern civilizations – most notably Japan, China and India, in building their respective empires. 
Each one of them, as tradition dictates, is driven by historical leaders, with unique groups, armies and wonders, and buildings that reflect their culture and architectural style. In addition we have new ways of winning and trading, 15 new wonders and an unprecedented single-player campaign. 
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PC with 1.4 GHz equivalent or privileged processor 

256 MB of system RAM 

2 GB available hard disk space 

32x alacrity or quicker CD-ROM guide 

64 MB record card with support for hardware transformation and lighting required 

Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio 

Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device 

56.6 Kbps or surpass modem for online play

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