Batman Vengeance

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In Batman Vengeance, crime escalates in Gotham City as Batman finds himself the target of a conspiracy. After saving the life of Mary Flynn (Harley Quinn in disguise) Batman is lured to Gotham Bridge where he fights the Joker. After the duel, the Joker slips and hangs over Gotham River. Batman offers to lift him up, but the Joker surprises him with his electric joybuzzer and falls to his apparent death. Batman decides to play along until he knows what’s going on. He’s alerted to Gotham Industrial, which is under attack by Mr. Freeze who’s looking for a man named Isaac Evers. Freeze was sent a publicity video of promethium supposedly by Evers (It was actually the Joker who sent it in order to stall Batman). After a chase in the Batplane, Evers explains what Freeze was holding and says he has grant from the Wayne Foundation. Batman later fights Freeze, then goes to save Batgirl, who’s under attack by a trench coat creature. After a Batmobile chase, the car crashes and they discover an apple (though the thug got away). At the Batcave, Batgirl discovers a plant inside the apple (similar to what she saw Mayor get from the trench coat). Batman discovers subtle links between Poison Ivy and Harley. After he defeats Poison Ivy, he heads to Funnibones Warehouse to collect from Harley for letting her walk the night the Joker seemingly died. She informs him of some activity at the Gasworks. He heads there and floods some pipes in order to stop some flammable toys from getting away. He then finds Isaac Evers, who only wanted to burn down Gotham Industrial but fails to convince Batman. He takes Evers outside, but is forced to go undercover after being framed for throwing a Batarang at Commissioner Gordon. Hunted by the police, Batman must discover who is behind these mysteries before Gotham City is destroyed. He heads to Funnibones only to discover the knife that the Joker was holding the night he fell. In the end Batman discovers that the Joker is not dead after all. His plan was to first underline the city with his flammable toys, then use his Joker Toxin mixed with Promethium and flood the city with the gas. Then, the toys were to emerge and ignite the city. The Joker tries to fend him off by using a heavy thug armed with explosives. Batman manages to shut down the gas flow and defeat the rocket thug in time to get on the Joker’s blimp. After a brief fight, Batman deteriorates the gas and disables the auto-pilot. After Batman defeats the Joker, he destroys the blimp, and finally takes his archenemy back to Arkham Asylum. Commissioner Gordon calls Batman to apologize for the earlier SWAT chase as they found Harley’s fingerprints on the batarang that hit him. As Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Harley and the Joker sit in Arkham Asylum, Batman jumps onto the gargoyle he was on at the start of the game. 

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Processor: PIII-500

RAM: 64 MB

Record Card: 32 MB

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