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In 1932, Europe was caught the killer, a girl named Raine. She tracked down and killed his biological father, leaving behind a lot of corpses. The girl claimed that those killed were vampires. Her mother was raped by one of them, after which the Rhine was born, endowed with the power of vampires, but devoid of their weaknesses. With this history has not managed to figure out the girl mysteriously disappeared from the prison walls … She was then, and hit under the wing Brimstone, a top-secret organization that fights with vampires and other vermin. Thus was born the agent for BloodRayne. Sexy red-haired half-breed is not only in the arsenal of unique abilities, but also the sharp fangs on the pistol in each hand and sharply-honed blades, attached to the wrist. Ruthless girl in tight clothes throughout the game will be cold-bloodedly kill the Nazi aggressors owing to their dismemberment and erotically sucking blood from someone or falling. Traveling multi-level worlds Louisiana, Argentina and Germany, it immediately with patrols of the Nazis, mutants, swamp creatures, ancient parasitize animals, monsters and bloodsuckers …
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System: PIII 733MHz or equivalent 

RAM: 128 MB 

Record Memory: 64 MB 

Hard Guide Space: 2000 MB

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