Daemon Vector

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Daemon Vector (c) Lexicon Entertainment

1 :………. DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ……..: Action

Daemon Vector is quite nice action title in 3rd person view with a fantastic part of graphic effects. There are also some basic RPG fundamentals, but don?t expect no matter what thing as complex as Oblivion or Gothic 3. Once again, this game comes on the market without any protection, so you don?t even need to crack it?This action RPG features gothic-styled slashing combat as a sinister strain of the Black Plague has brought to life Medieval Europe?s decomposing dead.

The tale traces back to the 14th century when Marco Polo traveled to Europe from the Far East. A seal from ancient China was broken, awakening the monster within, which brought one of the darkest periods of the human history when Black Death covered Europe with horror. A terrible disaster without produce unveils the 3D action adventure of Daemon Vector. Choose from one of the many playable characters to battle against the the daemons that have escaped from the seal. There are more than 20 stages in 6 areas.

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System: Pentium IV 1.8 GHz or equivalent

RAM: 512 MB

Record Memory: 128 MB

Hard Guide: 2 GB free hard disk space


DirectX compatible

Sound Card

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