Escape from Monkey Island

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Escape from Monkey Island is an adventure game that consists of dialogue with characters and solving puzzles. The game is controlled entirely with the keyboard or alternatively with a joystick.A new feature of the game are action-affect. Guybrush will glance at any items that can be interacted with; the player can use ‘Page Up’ or ‘Page Down’ to select the item that he wants Guybrush to look at.The game starts with Guybrush Threepwood and Elaine Marley returning to M?l?e Island from their honeymoon, which they embarked on in the epilogue of The Curse of Monkey Island. Here they find that Elaine has been declared officially dead, her position as governor has been revoked and her mansion is scheduled to be demolished. The governorship is up for election, and suddenly a person known as Charles L. Charles presents himself as the lead candidate. As Elaine starts her campaign to recover her position, Guybrush meets again with three of his ancient “friends”, Meathook, Otis and Carla (see Minor characters in Monkey Island) and heads out to recover the Marley family heirlooms and obtain the officially authorized ID to save her mansion. During his trip, Guybrush learns of the Marley family guarding a secret known as the Ultimate Insult, an insult so insidious, it destroys the spirit of those who hear it. He also winds up being framed for bank robbery by crook Peg-Nosed Pete at the hiring of the Australian Ozzie Mandrill, but manages to prove his innocence.
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200 MHz processor


4 MB record card

DirectX 7.0a

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