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Welcome all!  I’ve set up this new blog to keep updates on Grand Theft Auto 5 as well as the GTA 5 Release Date.  There is still no official release date but many are speculating a Summer 2012 or Fall 2012 Release date at this point. Over the course of this time I will be posting information from various sources in hopes of getting insight on the games actual release.  I will additionally post any other Grand Theft Auto V related news, trailers, wallpaper, or screen shots of the game that get released.

Rockstar Games have spoken their first word today on Grand Theft Auto V with an official release statement on their Newswire.

Quashing the rumours of a return to San Andreas, they have confirmed that we’re heading back to Los Santos only, but with the inclusion of “surrounding hills, countryside and beaches”.

GTA 5, which is also stated to be Rockstar’s “largest and most ambitious game”, promises to recreate a large portion of modern day Southern California according to the statement, and money will be a heavy influence as perhaps indicated by the new style ‘V’ logo.

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