Marc Ecko’s Getting Up Contents Under Pressure

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Ecko has described the challenges of developing the game in interviews.These range from a missed Black Friday release date (“The code just wasn?t ready.”), to communicating his vision to the developers (“The gaming community has a natural tendency to take no matter what thing cool and make it cartoonish. That was a huge culture curve.”) and the banning of the game in several markets (“I reckon it?s demonization of graffiti, demonization of technology, the generational disconnect. I reckon videogames are just a misunderstood medium.”). There is plotting for a Getting Up 2 TBA later this year in 2010.The Game is split into two halves. In the initially half your main goal is to make a name for yourself using graffiti, known as “getting up”. Early on in the game you are beat up by rival graffiti crew known as the Vandals of New Radius, or VaNR. Throughout the course of the tale you meet different graffiti legends, get revenge on the VaNR, start your own crew called Still Free Crew, and show the public that you are not a “toy” (an inexperienced graffiti writer). You also fight with the Civil Conduct Keepers, a government controlled police force, and soon learn they have been fueling the war between you and the VaNR. In the second part of the game you ally with the VaNR to publicly humiliate and expose the CCK. To your shock, you find out that the CCK’s plot to “eradicate” graffiti artists is simply to kill them.
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Pentium 4 1.7 GHz or equivalent AMD Systems

256 MB of RAM

64 MB Graphics Card

1.7 GB Hard Disk Space

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