Nitro Family

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Sales show that it, its our eyes to, seeing, ever present types of games where we kill, our apple of the eye. Cafes day and night playing Counter Strike games will appeal to a large audience, producers will be raised well that a dollar sign in front of your eyes to the FPS game and bravely started to release. FPS games are not made too hard. The hard to provide a realistic atmosphere. This kind of top-quality productions that rarely come out and we know when the bottom of the market (see Half-Life, FarCry, etc.). If you remember only a new physics engine to the planet to announce their purpose, they translate the game and a few young people without any expectation Serious Sam had place on the market. But, the game has reached sales figures so that, for the second, in making such games, such as arms plastered over a new door was opened. Painkiller in the past few months have seen a excellent model of this. Front of a game to kill everything but the atmosphere and the graphics engine as well as the physical perfection was a nice place with hearts. Let us come to our game Nitro Family humble. Til we hit everything in front of us, once again, aimlessly, heads can not make time to have a game we are constantly on the go. Painkiller and Serious Sam from a few difference: What physics engine this time, what the atmosphere, nor have a graphics
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Operating System: Windows ? 98/Me/XP CD

Processor: Pentium ? III 733 MHz

RAM: 128 MB of RAM


Record Card: 32 MB 3D

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