Ports Of Call Deluxe 2008

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You’re starting as an owner of a tiny cargo-ship and have to stand the 
test of the hard navy transport business and build step by step a huge 
ocean carrier with lots of ships. 
Have a seat in your office and align your cargo orders all around the 
globe. Take care of your account, the condition of your ships and 
unforeseeable incidents. Growlers, riffs, shallows, pirates, and a lot 
more will make your life a misery. You’re always able to access your 
business statistics to ensure your economical success with fate and 
Nowhere else you’ll find this mixture of excitement, strategy and economy 
game and 3D navy simulation. Strategically thinking and navigation of 
ships offer entertainment for many hours. You’re also able to let the 
ships automatically be driven out of and into harbours.

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OS: Windows? 2000/XP 
CPU: 1.4 GHz Pentium? 3 Processor 
RAM: 256 MB 
Disk Space: 1.5 GB 
Record Card: 64 MB DirectX? 9 Compatible Record Card 
Sound: 16-bit DirectX? Compatible

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