Quake 4

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While Doom was the game that would make id Software a gaming-household name in the early ’90s, over the years, the company shifted its focus away from the Doom games. As PC hardware and 3D acceleration became better and better, id became much more focused on engine development. Those engines were the underlying technology that powered the games in the Quake series, which began in 1996. Quake was among the first PC first-person shooters to let you take your multiplayer matches onto the Internet, and over the years, the series has become synonymous with great technology and exciting multiplayer. Now, in 2005, the roles of id’s games have reversed a bit. The company’s most recent engine is the one built for Doom 3, and Quake 4 runs on this same engine. Furthermore, Quake 4 wasn’t even developed by id internally; it instead outsourced game development to the capable minds at Raven Software, who have turned in a fantastic-looking game with a great single-player campaign. The multiplayer, however, is underwhelming.
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 CPU: AMD Athlon 3000+ 2.0 Ghz (~2.375 Ghz) Venice

- MOBO: Asus K8N4-E
- RAM: DDR400 – 2 GB
- VGA: Gigabyte 9500 GT 512 MB GDDR2 OC’d (~680/1700/1132 Mhz)
- HDD: Maxtor 6L160P0 160 GB Ultra ATA
- PSU: 350W
- CASE: Foxconn TLA570A
- RES: 1024×768 on 15” Miro FP156 screen
- OS: Windows XP SP3

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