Tomb Raider 3 Adventures Of Lara Croft

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Much has happened since Lara Croft first showed her face (and other body parts) to the world in 1996. There have been stunning advances in 3D gaming technology, and the third-person action game – a genre that the original Tomb Raider helped to define – is now everywhere. Now Lara is back in Tomb Raider III, and although her persona outside of the game continues to, shall we say, develop, the latest Tomb Raider game shows that the series is falling a bit behind the times.

Tomb Raider III, like its predecessors, is an action game with a healthy dose of adventure and puzzle elements thrown in for good measure. Your job is to guide Lara Croft through a surprisingly varied set of levels, many of which provide an intense sense of immersion. In fact, the size, scope, and atmosphere of the levels are probably the game’s strongest point. But these levels, however cavernous, are filled with things you’ve already seen, and in order to beat the game, you’re required to make Lara do things she’s already done. Lara runs, Lara swims, Lara shoots, Lara must jump carefully across a canyon. Is it wrong not to be more excited about these activities?

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Operating System: Windows 95/98

Processor: Pentium 166 MHz

DirectX 6.0

RAM: 16 MB

HDD: 202 MB

Record Card: SVGA 4MB

DirectX 6.0

Sound Card: 16-bits

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