Grand Theft Auto 2

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Everyone’s favorite carjacking simulation is back to remind you why you should lock your doors in traffic. Grand Theft Auto 2 delivers in all the same areas as its predecessors, while fixing a couple of the annoying little problems and adding a touch of depth in the process. But Grand Theft Auto 2 is largely the same as the original top-down driving action game and its mission pack, London 1969. So while all the fun of going on a crime spree is intact, so are most of the previous games’ flaws.
There’s a bit of story to go along with Grand Theft Auto 2, but it really makes no difference: As a budding young criminal, you are striving to make a name for yourself in a near-future world filled with drugs, guns, and turf wars. Each of the game’s three levels is populated by three different gangs, each of which runs a section of the city. The gangs are roughly identical – only different colors and different gang vehicles separate them. Each gang has a set of pay phones, which you can answer to take on odd jobs, as in the first game.
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Recommended System Requirements:
Intel Pentuim 4 or AMD XP Processor (or better)
16x Speed DVD Drive
4.7GB Hard Drive Space
128MB Video Card

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