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Welcome to Heaven. It’s as simple as that. Developed by Genesis Works LLC, “Heaven” is a PC DVD ROM Adventure video game. It’s the first of its kind. Using their “World Immersion Technology” (WIT) game engine, Genesis Works was able to bring you the most advanced adventure gaming experience to date. Heaven dares to take you to a world never before seen on the computer screen. Towering cathedrals made out of shimmering gold, streets paved with solid crystals, and vista so gorgeous, truly an awe inspiring experience. Heaven is truly on a biblical scale. All of its visuals andenvironments are inspired from old biblical text.

Your gaming experience starts on board the experimental space shuttle – the USS Genesis. The ride is bumpy, so get ready for an intro like no other game. You play the young but adventurous astronaut Commander Joshua.

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System requirements:

Windows Vista/XP/98
128 MB RAM
5 GB free hard drive space
64 MB/24-bit color video card
DVD-ROM drive

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