Legacy Of Kain: Blood Omen 2

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The vampire, Kain, refused to sacrifice himself to restore the Pillars of Nosgoth at the end of Blood Omen: Inheritance of Kain, thus damning the Pillars and the planet of Nosgoth to an eternity of depravity and decay. Following his refusal, Kain built a vampire army with Vorador’s help and attempted to conquer the planet. Four hundred years after the events of Blood Omen: Inheritance of Kain, Kain awakes in Meridian, Nosgoth’s industrial capital city. He remembers very small, and is missing much of his former power. He is greeted by a vampire called Umah, who informs Kain that he has been asleep for two hundred years.
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Pentium III 450 MHz or equivalent processor 

Windows 98/ME/XP 

128MB RAM 

8X CD-ROM guide 

DirectX 8.1 or privileged 

100% DirectX 8.1 compliant 3D accelerator card with 16MB RAM 

100% DirectX 8.1 compliant sound card 

1.8GB uncompressed hard disk space 

Keyboard and mouse

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