Return to Mysterious Island

Restore to Mysterious Island 2 Minas Fate – Owing to 150 years after the events described in the fresh by Jules Verne, courageous girl, Meena, the victim of shipwreck, comes to the mysterious island. Thanks to the ingenuity of Mine managed to survive on the island without their weapons and tools, to find a friend – a monkey named Yup – and give a signal for help.
So Robinson came up to board the rescue helicopter. It would seem that all the misfortune behind us, but fate had ordered otherwise. The helicopter suffered collapse and fall into the lake, but escaped and Mina Yup still on the island, where they are to withstand the new test.
* OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 
* CPU: 600 Mhz 
* RAM: 128 MB 
* DirectX: 6.0 
* Hard Drive: 1154 MB 

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