Sid Meier’s Pirates

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Sid Meiers Pirates-NOGRP With DoX Scene Release Version (Full ISO/2004) 
PC | 2004 | English | Publisher: Atari | Developer: Firaxis Games | 983MB 
Genre : adventure 

Back in the 1990s Microprose got me fired from a job and almost caused me to flunk out of college. The addictive nature of Civilization, X-COM and Pirates! meant that playing games became more important than going to work or attending class. But now, since playing games is work, I can safely confess that I’ve been totally captivated by Firaxis’s remake of the old C64 classic. The new game adds a few new gameplay elements to the mix and updates the graphics but it still tightly adheres to the strengths that made the first game an all-consuming addiction for those of us who played it. 

I’ve been playing the final version of the game for a few days now and I can barely tear myself away long enough to write the review. Over the past few days I’ve gone from being the insignificant captain of a small ship to become the most powerful and influential pirate in the Caribbean. Along the way I’ve sacked towns, hunted down rival pirates, explored for treasure, rescued long lost family members, amassed a vast personal fortune, climbed the ranks of high society, wooed the attractive daughters of wealthy governors, found lost cities and revenged myself on the evil ~censored~ who originally split up my family. 

The opening cutscene starts during your childhood. An evil Marquis who your father owes money to bursts in during a family dinner. He takes the members of your family into bondage but you manage to escape, vowing to rescue your family and take revenge on the man who stole your life from you. Ten years later you find passage on a ship headed to the New World. During the crossing the crew mutinies and names you captain. From here you’re set loose to find your own destiny in the Caribbean. 

As you can probably already tell, there are a wide variety of experiences to be found in this game. Though the search for your family and the vengeance you owe the Marquis provide a nice direction for the game, you can pretty much play things however you want at this point. You’ll find quick profits early by joining in on the wars between the various European powers. 
Depending on your starting era, you’ll find a variety of political conditions in the Caribbean. There are four European powers here — the English, Dutch, French and Spanish — and a few minor powers like Native tribes, missionary settlements and pirate-run towns. Natives and pirates can be encouraged to attack nearby enemies while the Jesuit missionaries can intercede on your behalf with an irate governor. Each group and each town associated with that group has an agenda that it acts on independently of your actions. 
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256MB RAM 

64mb Graphics Card 

1 GB Harddrive Space

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