Code of Honor 3 Desperate Measures

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The global financial crisis leaves thousands of people unemployed, sometimes even homeless. Social unrest begins to grow as people blame their governments. The poor get poorer, and some of the wealthy see an opportunity to gain power and money. In numerous countries, including France, desperate people are beginning to riot. Many extreme organizations become very popular. One of them, in the name of justice, calls for revolution through terroristic acts.
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• Windows XP/2000/Vista
• Pentium 4 2.0GHz processor or equivalent
• 512 MB RAM (Windows XP/2000), 1024 MB RAM (Windows VISTA)
• GeForce 5700 or Radeon 9700 128 MB graphics card
• 3.0 GB of free hard drive space for installation
• Quad speed DVD-ROM
• 16-bit sound card with EAX 2.0 compatible with DirectX 9.0
• Mouse
• Keyboard
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