Spaceforce Homeworld

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For hundreds of years humans have searched for an answer to the        
   eternal question: Are we alone in the universe?                        
   Get armed, kill the enemy. Follow the story as you explore the levels  
   and call for help. If you keep improving, your 3 types of tanks or      
   Valkyrie and Fighter spaceships can keep you a step ahead of the        
   enemy. Can you save the capital cities of earth? Defeat is not an      
   option, humanity could beannihilated!                                  
   Spaceforce HOMEWORLD is a game in which the player combats a large      
   number of alien forces, by shooting at them while dodging their fire.  
   Both on land and in space it is a classic struggle filled with droves  
   of aliens and weapon powerups.                                          
   Get your plasma gun, rocket or laser firing because the aliens are      
   Battle through 50+ levels facing continuous swarms of allied alien      
   vessels that randomly change shape and size, attack pattern and weapon  
   type. Pick up valuable powerups including weapon upgrades that can      
   turn your tank or spaceship into a lethal machine!  Bravery is a        
   necessity, in order to accomplish your mission sometimes, you will      
   nearly sacrifice yourself.                                              
   Tank and spaceship mines and missiles will also be a welcome addition  
   to your arsenal. It will help take out hostile alien clusters. There    
   are three different tanks in the game, each of them can be upgraded by  
   collecting powerups. The two spaceships: Valkyrie and Fighter, will    
   help your mission to annihilate the alien motherships responsible for  
   destroying earth’s capital cities!                                      
   Enjoy classic arcade gameplay, blast the aggressive aliens and          
   save the planet earth                                                  
   Select your tank, pilot a spaceship                                    
   Navigate your vehicle through clouds of plasma missiles                
   Collect power-ups while destroying your enemies, on your way to        
   becoming a formidable defender of the earth                            
   An amazing playing experience, that is bound to keep you glued to      
   your seat throughout the game                                          
   You will face over 50 different missions against the Allied Aliens      
   Defend 10 capital cities throughout the world                          
   Defeat all the alien motherships that were responsible for the          
   destruction of the cities, at the end of each section                  
   Call various air strikes and enjoy the show                            
   Amazing weather effects, night and day                                  
   Easy to use controls ensures that even novice players handle the        
   vehicles like a pro                                                    
   The accompanying sounds flows with the visuals, enhancing the game      
   playing experience, infusing it with sublime beauty                    
   Easy to pick up and learn but a real challenge to beat                  

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